bisexual community


Bconnected is a thriving Bi/Queer social group in the Denver Boulder area. We welcome any and all Bisexuals/LGBTQAI+ people who want to meet other Bi/Queer folks to socialize and help create bisexual community with. Our events are relaxed, friendly, and welcoming to newbies.

We brunch, we meet up in Denver, we have vulnerable and authentic convos about what it’s like to be Bi, we have game nights—and we create Bi culture and community in Colorado!

Come hang out

Meet other Bi people who are new to coming out or have been out for years.

Explore and craft your personal relationship style.

Feel confident exploring and presenting your gender.

Find your people.

Get connected with other local bi/queer/trans people and groups.

Come out and B out!

Where to find us

All of our events are hosted on Join the group to see a complete schedule of events.

Find us on Instagram to see how cute and interesting we are.

Support Bconnected

Best support you can give is to show up. 

Next best is to chip in a little to help cover the costs of organizing the group. Join our Patreon for $3 a month or give us a tip on Venmo.

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