Connecting The Local Queer Community


Connecting The Local Queer Community


Connecting The Local Queer Community

What is Bconnected?

I created this site as a way to connect local LGBTQ people to resources, a community calendar, and a listing of queer owned businesses.

Note that there are no ads on this site, nor are there any sponsors or businesses listed that are not queer owned. This is a space that is 100% LGBTQ.

Bconnected is designed to run itself. I draw from various local calendars to generate the community calendar. The $1 to list your business pays for hosting the site, as well as a bookkeeper and a web developer who both work a handful of hours quarterly to keep Bconnected running.

Please use this site to find local LGBTQ groups to hang out with, to find and support local queer owned business, or to list your own business.


Queer Market Place

Queer Market Place is new. The more of us that list ourselves on the page the more useful it will become. Please be patient and help spread the word! Use the Market Place for anything you’re doing commercially (maybe you work full-time for The Man but want to sell something you make on the side–use the Queer Market Place to link to your website/etsy store/or FB page). OR just list yourself professionally–it’s useful to know who’s doing what professionally (put a link to your Linkedin profile in your description).

I created Bconnected with the intention that it would be a networking system that runs itself for and by the LGBTQ community.

I created this site in my spare-time and with my own money…there’s a few kinks to work out, so please bare with me. Once you list your business you can’t edit it–email me if you need to make changes. three@bconnectedcolorado.com

One Big Queer Family

If you identify as something other than bisexual/pansexual–welcome! Hopefully this site will help you get connected to the local queer scene.

What Resources Do We Have?

We’ve compiled books, graphic novels, articles, websites, and links to local groups we think will help you come out and B out. Click here to see

Already Out & Proud?!

Great–come find the rest of us 🙂 It’s important that we have community together so we can normalize our existence, have friends that understand our highs and lows, and do our part to create more safety and acceptance for all of the members of our queer family. AND we need to show the 70% of bisexuals/pansexuals that are closeted how cool we are so they come out too.

Come Find Us!

Click on the calendar to find local groups hosting activities. These are groups welcoming to anyone on the LGBTQAI spectrum.