The Bconnected Manifesto

Our bisexual manifesto! We are each an important building block in our community of unique and different Bi/Queer people. Our community is something we strive to build by spending time together and forming lasting connections. Showing up and being part of the group matters because community is critical to our personal and collective growth, security, and societal advancement.

We are devoted to personal choice and autonomy over ourselves and our relationships. We exercise this freedom by forming relationships with those we feel a connection to, whether that connection be platonic, emotional, romantic, sexual, or a combination thereof. We do this in a loving, open, and honest way. We also accept and recognize the fluid nature of our humanity and understand that romantic orientation, sexual orientation, and gender identity can shift and change over a lifetime.

We are committed to honesty, individual truth, and integrity in our relationships.

In response to hostile individuals or institutions that may not support equal rights and fair treatment for the LGBTQIA+ community, we react by continuing to show up and building our community up to be even stronger.

If we have the privilege to come out, we bravely live a non-traditional life even when we don’t always know how to navigate our way. We do this so that we can help bring awareness and acceptance to other people who want to exercise this same freedom of choice and autonomy that we do. We also openly express our values and relationships in order to change the social narrative around human nature, love and commitment, and relationship structure.

We invite the people who are in relationships with us, who may not identify as Bi or Queer, to stay in loving connection to us while also respecting our autonomy as well as their own.

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Bisexual manifesto

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