Get Involved and Volunteer for the Queer Community

volunteer for the queer community

Guess what, my friend, Bconnected Colorado is turning into a Nonprofit this year! This means we have SEVERAL ways for you to volunteer for the queer community. We’re rolling up our sleeves, setting up the legal structure, writing business plans, expanding events, creating merchandise, and DOUBLING DOWN on our mission to create a thriving Bi/Queer community.

Wanna help out?!

Show up

This is the best thing you can do! People come to Bconnected events to meet other Bi/Queer people. When you come and share your experience, chat, and connect with others—you’re adding your unique spark of light to the collective Bi/Queer rainbow. We need you! 🌈

Bare your Soul for Bconnected

…in the form of a positive review.

We have hundreds of great reviews on Meetup, but we’d like to post more to this website! 🥇

  • Use this form to give a short testimonial about why you like Bconnected and how it’s benefited you.
  • You can use your name or initials—it’s up to you.
  • AND/OR Record a 30-second or less video of you saying why you love Bconnected that we can use on various platforms.
  • Testimonials help others feel comfortable joining the group and help with fundraising.

Give Bconnected Some Love on Social Media

  • Help get the word out by posting & sharing upcoming events. 📲
  • Follow us on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Help us take pictures or videos at events. Be sure you have permission from everyone in the picture first.

Become a Host or Help Support an Event

  • Arrive early to help with event setup or help tidy up during Queers & Quiche. 👯‍♀️
  • Greet new people and make them feel welcome when they arrive. 👋🏼
  • Help plan new events. We want to hear your ideas!
  • Find or suggest venues. This is a big one! We’re always on the prowl for new places to host various events. Coffee shops that can hold 8-12 people, cool hiking spots, crafty places, etc…☕️ 🥾 🧵
  • If you would like to host your own event, get in touch with Three to make this happen. This is a great way to get involved and volunteer for the queer community.

Be a Proofreader!

Three Brodsky will be doing A LOT of writing this year. Grant writing, webpages, social media, blog posts, press releases, etc. Sometimes, her use of a comma is questionable—not to mention her overuse of the em dash. Plus, fragmented sentences, run-on sentences, and whatever that even means to be “using the passive voice.” 😬

SO. Grammer Queer LORDS! The Cause needs you! Talk to Three about how much time you feel good contributing to being a proofreader. Fancy AF lunch is probably in your future, too, btw. 🧐

Pitch-In Financially

Bconnected takes time, energy, and money to run. Your contribution goes towards event space rental, supplies, admin fees, and all the other miscellaneous start-up fees Bconnected is incurring while we turn it into a nonprofit.

Give Suggestions for the Resource Page

Our Resource Page is great for people who are newly out, in the process of coming out or want more support in the form of books, magazines, and podcasts about being Bi. If a book or article really helped you, let us know! 📚

Contact Us

Many hands make light work. Shoot us a line to dialogue more about how you’d like to contribute. 📧