Code Of Conduct For All Members:

* This is a welcoming space for all genders, sexual and romantic orientations, and allies (provided they are accompanied by a member of the meetup).

* If you are taking pictures, be sure to check with anyone in the picture if it’s ok to post them on any kind of social media (this is to avoid accidentally outing someone).

* Please come to meetups with the intent of building community! It’s great if you meet someone and the two of you make a connection, but please pursue that person respectfully.

* Do not message anyone from the group you have not met in person. There are plenty of dating apps available; BConnected is a place to meet and connect in person. If you receive a message from someone that bothers you, please contact Three ( directly.

* Any aggressive comments in the comment sections of the meetup could result in removal from the group.

* Any aggressive behavior towards any of our members at a meetup could result in removal from the group. Our definition of aggressive is any kind of physical violence or threat of violence, yelling, persistent unwelcome sexual advances, racism, sexism/-TERFing, ableism, and any kind of homophobia or transphobia.

Remember that the people running this meetup do this on a 100% volunteer basis and expend time, energy, and money to make this meetup happen. Because we love to!