Blog Post Topics We’d Love To Hear About

  1. If you are QTBIPOC, what would you like to world to know/see about your bi/queer experience?
  2. Your coming out story.
  3. When did you first know you were bi?
  4. What does being bi mean to you, has this shifted since you first realized you were bi?
  5. What would you do differently when you came out?
  6. What advice would you give someone who is just coming out?
  7. If you’re not out, what would make it easier for you to come/be out?
  8. What is it like being bi and trans and/or non binary?
  9. Did the process of coming out, and/or dating a gender you weren’t used to dating, trigger any other growth periods for you?
  10. How has your life improved since coming out?
  11. If you identify as neurodivergent in anyway how does this affect your queer identity?
  12. Did your gender shift when you came out and was this a surprise for you?
  13. What is it like dating particular genders as a bisexual?
  14. How do you present yourself to others as a bi person?
  15. What are some positive aspects of poly relationships for bisexuals?
  16. Did you have a partner when you came out? If you still have that partner, how has the relationship changed/grown?
  17. How do you present yourself to others as a bi person?
  18. Make a top ten, twelve, or fifteen list related to being bi/pan.
  19. Do you have a type within each gender you prefer to date? Has it shifted?
  20. What does a bi utopia look like to you?
  21. What do you wish people understood about being bi?
  22. What is working for you and not working for you in-terms of being bi and non-monogamous.
  23. If you have kids how do you talk to them about being bi?

*We use the term Bi/Pan interchangeably ….however you may want to define your particular labels in your post. Keep in mind that a lot of people don’t know the definitions of all the current labels. 

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